Heroes' Journey

Antidote and Golden Tablet.

We managed to deliver the poison sample and Lyman Phralick succeeded, with help from Tanith, to create a cure and Langmar von Drakdale started his long road to recovery.

Lord Langmar told us of a golden tablet that had arcane text on it. He had found it in the dragon’s hoard long ago.

He told us that a great evil emanated from the tablet the same day at the exact moment that the Crying Spears fought in the Battle of the Broken Sun.

10 years ago Lord Langmar – fearing the evil powers of the tablet – delivered it to his friend Gilaf who belongs to an isolationist dwarven clan of Darrofgak. The Darrofgakians worship Dumathoin, the dwarven god of secrets, gems and underground treasure. They are considered odd and reclusive even by other dwarves.

We persuaded Tanith to come with us because of his knowledge of the arcane. He did demand first pick right to any magic items we might find and 1/3 of the loot.

Sir Emeric of Ket told us he would go after Talga. We felt relieved since it looked like we would have an extremely hard time going back to Ket after our last trip. Still, a feeling of guilt is overwhelming at times because of the way we had to leave her there – despite it being her own wish. She’s a brave one, she is.


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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