Heroes' Journey

Up in the arse of Vera

When we arrived back to Rhorton’s Grove we first went to see Rusk. Luckily his fever had gone down and he felt much better. After we filled Rusk in about what had happened at the swamp we decided that Vera should try to talk to the spirit of the lizard wizard.

I must say that I felt slightly uncomfortable when the talk turned to Rusk’s children. The old man hadn’t known that it was possible to talk with the dead like that and seemed keen on knowing if Vera would be able to contact his children or brothers in arms who had died in the big battle. I understood why he would like to talk with them but I myself couldn’t imagine wanting to talk to anyone dead… Best if you didn’t interact with them too much.

When we went to the tavern to fetch the skin from Ossin the party was in full swing and the young hunter was once again telling the others the story of his heroic deeds. I had grown quite fond of the boy during the few days we had been in Rhorton’s Grove. His enthusiasm was endearing and I almost hoped that we didn’t need him to show us the way to Mosswall. I had a hunch that that trip wouldn’t end well.

Vera cast the spell on the skin and asked our questions: it called the thing it had tried to summon Sess’inek. According to the spirit with the help from that Sess’inek they would burn everything. It also spoke something weird about the great crocodile Sess’inek ‘s jaws would consume the eggmother and lead them to glory. Many allies, it said: the man in the coin armor supplies them, filthy orcs make weapons and Sess’inek empowers them. Also giants were coming and it threatened that the necromancer would get us. The darkness and power was gathering at Mosswall.

The hissing sound and the words of the dead lizard man made a chill go down my spine. I didn’t like this at all. Oh how I wanted to see Zare’in, as he had insisted me calling him. The name felt weird in my mouth. I was sure he could explain what was going on.

After the chat with the spirit we decided to join the party that was going on inside. I didn’t much feel like partying and sat most of the time in the corner table. Also partly because I didn’t want to make the villagers feel uncomfortable. At some point Vera came to me and insisted that I would have to join the other, to make a good impression. A bit grudgingly I joined the others and even drank few pints of the local ale. I refused to touch Bogwater, still shuddering at the thought of the hang over it gave me.

Ossin tried to hit on me. It was really quite cute and I couldn’t help flirting back a bit. Luckily he didn’t seem to mind that much when at some point I had to gently turn him down. As much as liked the boy I didn’t like him that much. Well, there was plenty of fish in the water for him since all the girls in the village were fighting for the attention of the local hero.

In the morning the weather was cloudy and warm and it felt like it might rain at some point. Lyman came to us when we were leaving and gave us small jar of ointment that later turned out to be Keoghtom’s ointment. Really powerful stuff that could heal wounds and cure from poisons. It made us all wander who the old herbalist really was and what a man with his skills was doing in an isolated place like this. Then again, some people had secrets for a reason and I knew better than to ask.

The morning went by peacefully but at some point in the afternoon Ossin halted us and told us to be quiet. I quickly saw why. In a pond about 20 yards from us was a giant frog the size of a man. Ossin told us that they were pretty dangerous and could eat humans. The meat was really tasty though. After a short negotiation we decided that it would be best to walk around it though the detour would delay us by couple of hours.

The rest of day was uneventful and our guide found as a camping place on small hill. We had only slept few hours when we woke to Vera’s scream. She had been on the watch and a snake had bitten her bottom. She was a bit shaken and the snake was apparently poisonous and the wound had started to look infected. The men were of no use, Ossin blushing like girl and Rusk modestly turning his back so I had to use the ointment Lyman had given us. The effect was immediate and the wound healed in front of my eyes. And damn her arse was fit…


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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