Tag: country


  • Gran March

    A small country originally conceived by [[Keoland]] as a buffer against incursions from [[Ket]]. Home to a number of militant organizations hostile to Ketite interests.

  • Keoland

    One of the largest and oldest domains in all of Flanaess, the Kingdom of Keoland covers most of the fertile Sheldomar Valley. It is surrounded by a number of smaller states that have separated from it at various stages in the past. Relations with these …

  • Ket

    Ket has always been the meeting point of the Bakluni and Oeridian peoples. The older Bakluni traditions have gained a more cosmopolitan flavour through long-term cultural contact. Cultural contact naturally includes war. Over the centuries Ket and its …

  • Hold of the Sea Princes

    A conglomeration of fiefs held by the descendants of pirate lords. Separated from [[Keoland]] by the Hool Marshes and Dreadwood, the Sea Princes can bicker amongst themselves largely in peace - the only viable route into their lands is across the Azure …