Tag: deity


  • Pelor

    The Sun God, the worship of whom stretches into antiquity. He is a gentle, fatherly god originating with the Flan people but venerated by all with a liking for the sun and its warmth and lifebringing properties. Pelor's priesthood tend to be gentle, …

  • Mayaheine

    Originally a paladin of [[Pelor]], she ascended to godhood and gained a cult of her own. She is a militant goddess of protection, valour and vigilance. Her clergy numbers many paladins, and all her priests are also trained at the use of arms. Mayaheine …

  • Nerull

    The lord of the dead and undead who ever seeks to expand his domain. Commonly depicted as a robed skeletal figure wielding a large sickle.

  • Hextor

    The four-armed god of battle, murder and bloodshed. Brother of his virtuous twin, [[Heironeus]]. Symbolized by arrows arranged in the shape of a fan or being brandished in an iron gauntlet.

  • Heironeus

    This battleaxe-wielding knight is the god of battle prowess and valour. Brothers with the murderous [[Hextor]]. Heironeus' symbol is a bolt of lightning.

  • Fharlanghn

    Pronounced Far-line. The god of travel, journeys and horizons. It is customary to sacrifice to this easygoing god when embarking on any substantial journey. He also has some relation to spiritual enlightenment. Fharlanghn's symbol is a sun peeking …

  • Istus

    Arguably the most powerful, albeit distant, member of the Oerthian pantheon, this goddess spins the strands of Fate for gods and mortals alike. Istus is especially venerated by the [[Bakluni]], who have a habit of putting much store in determinism. It …

  • Xan Yae

    A goddess who actively maintains her obscurity, Xan Yae is unfamiliar to the majority of people in Flanaess. She loves the shadows, twilight and the edge of things. Xan Yae is mostly venerated by those who require stealth and secrecy. Temples - even …