Tag: settlement


  • Winter's Cove

    A small village on the outskirts of the kingdom. It was attacked and destroyed by a large orcish horde 9 years ago. After the orcs were defeated and driven away about 8½ years ago, the surviving populace returned to their home and started rebuilding. …

  • Shiboleth

    Originally a border fortress overlooking the uppermost reaches of the Sheldomar River, Shiboleth has since become a burgeoning trading town that is quickly spreading beyond its walls. The draining efforts at the [[Rushmoors]] will hopefully help support …

  • Rhorton's Grove

    A small village in the [[Rushmoors]] known for the fragrant bog lilies it produces. Note: inspired by the village of the same name in Lorri E. Hulbert's adventure "Night Swarm" in Dungeon Magazine #61.

  • Shieldhome

    A fortified abbey in the [[Good Hills]] in the south of [[Keoland]], near [[Harvest Hill]]. Originally dedicated to the service of [[Pelor]], Shieldhome has recently gravitated toward the service of [[Mayaheine]]. Headed by the aging oracle, Abbess [[: …