Crying Spears

Forming and leadership:
A mercenary company formed by Rusk, Boros and Trask 20 years ago. Of these, Trask and Rusk were childhood friends. Trask befriended Boros and introduced him to Rusk a few years before the forming of the mercenary company.

The company was named “Crying Spears” not only because of their extensive use of spears and shields, but also because they required it’s members to use specially made spears with tiny holes in their metal spearheads. This would leave the spearheads seep blood for hours after the battle with the aid of a carefully chosen, coagulation-preventing poison (which did it’s own small part in ensuring casualties among their enemies). Also, they used wizards to make the spearheads produce an eerie, howling sound during a company charge demoralizing their opponents.

They chose Trask to lead the company because of his leadership skills and intelligence. It has been acknowledged that Trask was a tactical genious and it was said at the time that the ‘Crying Spears’ always fought when, where and how they wanted. It is likely that he was the first to plan the forming of the company. It is certain that without him the company – if it even existed in that case – would never have gained such fame and success or survived that long.

Sergeant Boros was a large, muscular man and a brutal warrior who became a familiar and often last sight to their opponents as he lead the charge side by side with Rusk. He fought with such ferociousness that rumors began to spread of him going berserk at smell and sight of blood. Mere sight of him in this state on the battlefield caused even the bravest man to hesitate about challenging him. It is rumored that sometime during the last year of the company’s existence Boros actually cut down a recruit who tried unsuccessfully to calm him down after the battle. The details of this incident are not known, but it certainly created friction between him and Trask and demoralized the men serving under him.

Sergeant Rusk gained reknown mostly for his seemingly inexhaustible stamina: he could keep fighting long after others were winded. Rusk used this advantage to always be where the fighting was thickest or were it seemed the enemy would break through. He also saved many lives of the men serving under him by carrying the wounded to safety and immediately went back to support the fight. This insipired loyalty and trust in the men who knew they could depend on their sergeant and many began to follow Rusk’s example to ‘leave no one behind’. Rusk was also a fine storyteller and could keep his audience captivated by his stories for hours – even if they had the same story before. Sometimes he would tell tales about the company’s achivements and battles so far to a new recruits. At other times he would tell entertaining stories while the entire company, commander Trask included would listen intently. Trask always encouraged Rusk to doing this, for in his opinion it strengthened the bonds between the men and raised morale.

The company was entirely wiped out in the Battle of the Broken Sun with Rusk as the only survivor.

Crying Spears had made a name for themselves during their 10-year long existence and were quite known for their capability in getting any job done. That being said, they also had garnered some questionable fame for their general rowdiness and lack of discipline during their free time between jobs. Also, not all the jobs they took and completed could exactly be called ‘benefiting a greater good’ although they never acted outright against any laws, at least not so to common knowledge.

Their first and foremost motivation was money as is befitting to any mercenary company. On numerous occasions they fought on the side of a feuding village or another just to be seen among the opposite ranks a few months later. It must be noted though, that they never switched sides during a job even if an opposing offer was more lucrative. After the assignment was finished though, they were available again for the highest bidder.

On a few occasions, they have been rumored to fight for free or for a namely fee defending a small village against an orc raiding party. It is rumored though, that in these few cases a veteran member has petitioned help from their company (for their home village probably) and as an act to inspire loyalty and to gain positive reputation the company has obliged these requests.

Crying Spears

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