Heroes' Journey

A reunion. Out of the shadowlands. Plan B.

We met Coral in the shadowlands who told us that Jak was hunting us. She also mentioned that she ‘got lost’ during Battle of the Broken Sun and claimed she wasn’t killed (at least to her knowledge). Her form was shadowy and she looked pale. She also told us about a shadow lord ‘Sunbreaker’ who was gathering forces in the shadowlands. Beren had suggested Coral that Kaidi and Liathar should help Rusk in his quest – this would help them in fixing the laylines as well.

We moved on and eventually found our way out of the shadowlands. It tooks us three more days to get out of the seemingly endless caves and back into the sunlight. We found ourselves near Thornward. A setback that troubled us. There was also snow on the ground.

We arrived in Thornward four hours later and located an inn – ‘The Armoured Rooster’ where we found Willem von Drakdale with whom we shared a drink. Or two. Or thr….

We decided to arrange marriage. Vera will pursue Mattis to convince her uncle of getting Heiron married to the wealthy lady in Shiboleth. Find Talga.


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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