Heroes' Journey

Assassination attempt on Lord Langmar von Drakdale.

What we have found out so far:
- Langmar von Drakdale was poisoned by an assassin from Sleeping Eye faction. We don’t know yet who hired him/her.
- Jason slept in the adjacent room to Lord Langmar because he was ill. Otherwise he usually slept in the same room with his Lord. Jason blames himself for this.
- Jason met a girl he thought was Wendy and slept with her two days before Lord Langmar was poisoned. The next day, he became ill; rather conveniently leaving Lord Langmar to sleep alone the night he was poisoned.

- A woman travelled towards Drakdale in the same group of travelling companions as Sir Emeric of Ket and Nikol. She met with a man we suspect to be the assassin at Warfield Inn. The woman left the group and the man joined it until they reached Drakdale.
- Wendy met the assassin in the village three days before Lord Langmar was poisoned. She described him as a brown haired man who looked like an adventurer. For some reason she couldn’t remember many details about him and this seemes to cause her distress as well. Also, the man wore a pendant of bone or wood which had a silhouette of a sneaking figure and a closed eyelid on it which indicates the Sleeping Eye – a guild of assassins – according to Talga.
- The assassin stayed at the Drakesmouth Inn for one night and left the following evening. He paid for his stay in Velunian coins. The assassin introduced himself at the inn as Marlen.

- Sir Emeric was captured outside castle grounds during the night Lord Langmar was poisoned and then imprisoned in the castle dungeon. He seems the obvious culprit to most. Sir Emeric’s horse is still at the Drakesmouth Inn stables; it is a fine Baklunish horse.

- Most likely an individual assassin who uses poison to coat their weapons black so they don’t reflect light. Willem von Drakdale had heard this rumour and shared it with us.


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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