Heroes' Journey

"I'm wearing boots of escaping!"

We had a very difficult time getting out of Falwur after Talga had presumably been captured. We had almost reached the gate when one of the guards pointed at Vera von Drakdale and wanted to seize her. We didn’t like it in the least, but we decided that we must get the antidote to Langmar von Drakdale as soon as possible to prevent another pointless war between Keoland and Ket. We swore that we would come back for her as soon as we had saved him though.

Eventually we made it out of there though and travelled as quickly as we could in Bramblewood while avoiding the Ketite patrols. After a few days travel we arrived at Thornward and had to slip by yet another patrol while getting there.

We met some people from Shieldhome in Thornward and they told us that Redaya of the Clatspurs said that “It awakens at the field of broken sun.”


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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