Heroes' Journey

Ogre entertainment.

Continuing along the path, we managed to spot a group of ogres lead by a Verbeeg with a warg without them noticing us. After a moment of deliberation we decided to ambush them with the help of Vera’s Silence -spell.

We managed to get closer but then Xia’tot stumbled and almost fell into the ravine only barely succeeding in grasping Tanith who in turn lost his balance as well, causing them both to fall over the ledge. Tanith, however succesfully grabbed the ledge and barely managed to hold on with Xia’tot dangling from his left ankle.

Rusk and Maranthiel rushed to help them but Rusk also lost his footing and was soon hanging from Tanith’s left ankle as well while his spear fell into the ravine.

The ogres noticed this… predicament and bursted laughing. Vera shot an arrow at them and they started charging towards us. Maranthiel managed to pull us all up just in time to catch a Lightning Bolt -spell cast by the Verbeeg. Alan and Xia’tot went down while Maranthiel, Rusk, and Tanith were partly hit by the magical onslaught. Luckily the Warg that was too fast for his own good and attacking Alan already was also well roasted…

Vera went to save Alan with her healing spell while Tanith started to cast a spell. Rusk grabbed Xia’tot’s spear and moved in front of Alan and Vera to intercept the charging ogres. The first ogre was skewered all the way through by Rusk’s spear but the one charging behind it managed to strike his shoulder while he was struggling with the heavy corpse of the first. Vera cast a Cure Light Wounds -spell, which saved Alan’s life. Meanwhile Maranthiel struck the giant with his arrow, disrupting the spell he was casting. Also, Tanith finished his spell – Evard’s Black Tentacles, with the tentacles grabbing and crushing all the screaming ogres. Some were still alive, but Rusk and Alan made short work of the two surviving ones. Maranthiel ended the Verbeeg’s attempt at quaffing a potion and his life with a clean shot through the neck.

After the battle Vera saved Xia’tot as well and then we proceeded to loot the corpses and Rusk even managed to retrieve his spear by diving into the ravine where it had fallen. The Verbeeg was carrying a note written in giant language with an emblem of a mountain struck by lightning on it. None of us could read it though. Maranthiel and Alan remembered hearing something about an individual calling himself the ‘Stormlord’ who is a giant chieftain, shaman or something like that. The handwriting is very neat. Xia’tot actually recognised two words from the note: “Find” and “Dwarves”.

Then we roasted the Warg and some fish from the ravine and made camp for the night.

Next morning, Maranthiel lead us further along the mountain trail. In the afternoon we came across a small flooded valley. Unfortunately the trail was also under water and made a steep turn after 30 feet or so. Maranthiel went to scout on to the waist-high water and after the turn he saw that the flooding joined with a small but deep rapid that was flowing with a fairly fast pace. Tanith cast a Tenser’s Floating Disc that helped us all across; even Dandelion after Rusk calmed him.


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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