Heroes' Journey

On the road again...

We left for Darrofgak with Tanith, Alan and Xia’tot. After a few days journey we arrived in the capital city of Gran March – Hook Hill. Tanith asked us if we would spare a few days time so he could acquire some spellcasting equipment. We decided we could do this and went to visit Vera von Drakdale’s blacksmith friend, Derris.

We went on to Green Downs, a small agricultural village near the Lortmil Mountains about a days trip from Hook. We spent a night at the local guesthouse and pressed on to the mountains. In the evening a storm and heavy rain hit us so we started to look for a place to weather out the storm. Vera was looking a bit ill but she assured the rest of us she could keep going. Eventually we found a cave, apparently dug by gnomish hands; at least it looked a lot like the ones we saw at the underground river on our way to Drakdale.

In the morning the storm was still raging on and Maranthiel noted that it seemed unnaturally strong somehow. It stopped precisely at midday so we continued our journey. A rockslide surprised us on a narrow ledge and Alan came to protect Rusk who in turn raised his shield over Dandelion’s head to protect him from the worst of it. Tanith was also in danger but Vera managed to save him. Rusk, Vera, Tanith, Alan and Dandelion took some minor injuries from the falling rocks but with Vera’s healing capabilities and spells we were able to tend to the wounds. Maranthiel aimed at the cliffside with his bow, thinking he saw something but we couldn’t make out anything on the cliffs.

Later that day we encountered another narrow ledge which had been mostly torn away by rockslides. We managed to get everyone – even Dandelion – across.


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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