Heroes' Journey

Pursuing the Geomancer's stone

We were approached by Zare’in who urged us to go after the Cult of the Shriven Sickle who were after a magical item called the Geomancer’s Stone. He also gave Maranthiel a magical compass that points to a particular coin secretly planted on one of the cultists.

The stone is located somewhere in the Bonekeeper’s valley so we went there after brief preparations. We met our guide, Selma there who took us to an entrance of a cave that servers as a tomb -complex and according to her is goes very deep and has countless corridors and graves.

With the aid of the compass and Maranthiel’s guidance we managed to stay on their tracks going ever deeper into the foreboding caves…

Eventually we found a spot with lots of blood and followed a bloody trail a short distance only to find a corpse hidden in one of the tomb -alcoves. An hour or so later we found other blood stains – considerably less than the first ones – and followed them to find a young woman covered in blood hiding inside a tomb -alcove. She told us that she was attacked by a group of well equipped and armored people. They had a bird with them that scraped her arm at some point and poisoned her.

We patched her up and gave her food, water and a few torches and promised we’d come back this way after we dealt with the cultists. Eventually we found a hole on the floor of a cave further up ahead that Kaidi pointed out and said it was clearly made with a Stoneshape spell.

We had found the cultists who turned out to be resourceful indeed while fighting for their lives against us. We prevailed after a long struggle. Liathar examined a magical circle we found and managed to activate it by dabbling with it. A portal opened and we stepped through to find an elven woman that had fully white eyes. She asked what was our business here and we told her we wanted to prevent the cultists from gaining the Geomancer’s stone. After a bit of convincing she agreed to relinquish the stone to us. After that the woman disappeared and the stone appeared to us in a form of a greenish tiara the lady was wearing. Then we stepped out of the portal and were back inside the caves.


MuadMouse Kyoshiro

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