His weapon of choice was a two-handed sword.


Boros was co-founder and a sergeant in Crying Spears -mercenary company. Slain during the Battle of the Broken Sun.

Sergeant Boros was a large, muscular man and a brutal warrior who became a familiar and often the last sight to his opponents as he lead a charge side by side with Rusk. He fought with such ferociousness that rumors began to spread of him going berserk at smell and sight of blood. Mere sight of him in this state on the battlefield caused even the bravest man to hesitate challenging him. It is rumored that sometime during the last year of the company’s existence Boros actually cut down a recruit who tried unsuccessfully to calm him down after the battle. The details of this incident are not known, but it certainly created friction between him and Trask and demoralized the men serving under him.


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