Battle of the Broken Sun

Locally a famous battle during which the Crying Spears -mercenary company was defeated and entirely destroyed save for one man.

It is rumored that originally, the company’s leadership turned down the offer to hunt down and destroy an allegedly small death cult. Some say, that in their greed they just turned down the initial offer so as to make the employer raise it further.

According to popular theory among the common folk is a claim that the commander of Crying Spears actually had a bad omen about them battling against the cult beforehand. Stories about this omen are too many to properly account for but again the most common theory based on an actual ‘witness’ is that the commander’s shadow – as it reflected on the inn floor and wall – had moved slightly on it’s own and formed a ghostly form behind him just for mere moments. This ‘witness’ was a half-wit young boy who cleaned chamberpots at the local inn and had glanced a look at commander’s room as he was alone and taking a piss.

The story has little credibility however. First and foremost being the fact that the orphan boy ‘witness’ did not have ‘all the sheep in the meadow’ as they say. Secondly, a powerful priestess of Pelor was staying at the inn at the time and assured that she would have sensed a sinister presence if there ever was one as strong as the boy described. Thirdly and lastly, the commander himself had noticed nothing except the peeping boy during the ‘relieving moment’ and assured that he had not had any signs to even remotely back the boys story.

Despite this, the priestess was kind enough to bless the company before their departure and prayed for their safe return.

The Battle:
Not much details are known about the battle since none came back to tell the story save for Rusk. Witness accounts from near the battle site say that as the two forces clashed, it was soon clear that the cultists were no match for the Crying Spears on open field which they were forced to take because of Commander Trask’s ingenious tactics. The battle was said to be nearly over when suddenly the sky darkened dimming the sun completely and all became dark as the darkest night could be: void of any star- or moonlight. A horrifying cackle that could not be voiced by anything still living echoed through the darkness and terrible undead rose with the dead cultists and started their grim slaughter.

It is suspected the cultists summoned something terrible to this world. Ever since the battlefield and it’s immediate surroundings have not seen sunlight and everything within the dark area is said to wither and die within mere moments. While the latter part being exaggeration by superstitious peasants it is true that no plant life has survived within the darkness and anything living entering there – especially priest and paladins – feel a dark presence there and can’t help but feel utter despair and fear.

Battle of the Broken Sun

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